Google Website Ranking – An Important Component To Any Marketing Campaign

Your Google website ranking is directly related to the amount of traffic that comes into your site. Without being displayed on the site, which is the most dominant search engine on the internet, even the best planned SEO campaign can go down the drain. Learning to “make friends” with Google and work within its rules can lead to a far higher profit margin.

Your average Joe of the internet does not really wonder about what makes Google tick, but anyone trying to be successful with an internet marketing campaign needs to be as informed about it as humanly possible. Google keeps their exact criteria and algorithms under wraps, but based on the success of other campaigns there are some safe options for even the smallest attempts at marketing.

Even people who are just starting to think about getting into internet marketing and SEO know what keywords and keyword phrases are. These are the terms that a campaign targets to pull in traffic from. For example, if someone is looking for “swimming pool liners”, there are going to be websites dedicated solely to that subject to pander to that demographic and to encourage them to click their advertisements. Where there is a demand, there is a source of information, and that information is likely on an SEO optimized website.

Your page ranking on Google for the niche you are in will be dictated by a few things. The keyword density within your website is quite possibly the most obvious one, which includes the article content, tags, and any other words displayed publicly or even within the source of a page. The overall placement of these keywords will be a part of it as well.

How well you promote your website will be a large factor in your campaign’s success, and in many cases your success rides on the shoulders of your promotional efforts. Great content rich articles and great overall optimization can only go so far when you are competing against others who have that same quality and are already promoting their sites. Promoting can be done through a whole range of sources as long as links can be placed to direct visitors to your actual website.

Not only are the links that you place on other websites there to encourage people to come to your website from where they are reading your promotional content, but also to inform Google that the content you have on your website is definitely worth reading. To Google, links from one place to another mean that wherever that link goes is a source of information that people other than the webmaster want to see.

Increasing your page ranking on Google does not need to be difficult. Many intermediate and experienced people have worked SEO campaign promotion down to a science, and beginners who are not all that familiar with how it works can still get into a niche and give the more experienced marketers a definite run for their money.

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