Link Building – Building a Strategic Relationship

In Link building, the weight of strategic relationship can’t be denied. Relationship building is the way through which you can widen your website’s reach. When other sites link to your website they are in a sense, endorsing your website. The strength of building a large network of website that back-links to your site can determine your online success. There is ample of evidence that shows the significance of strategic relationship for any link building campaign accomplishment. Quality link building goes beyond just being referred by the website which is relevant to your site. It is more about cultivating strategic relationships with other sites who intend to display your links as “organic”.

Right Way to Start Building Good Relationships- “A good start is a half done”. The authentic meaning of this proverb is having a good start always produces a great outcome. So if you are going to start relationship marketing, make sure to have a good start. Following a chronological approach is always better and Link Building campaign needs to follow these given approach step by step:

Research for relevant websites- Choosing potential link partner is the foremost step of a link building campaign. It can be done through a search for the websites working in the same area. It requires comprehensive research of sites in major search engines with most relevant keywords. Note: Be cautious about the website’s interest in link partnership and its content quality. There should always be a resource page or a link partner’s page.

Make a list of thematic sites- Prepare a list of websites interested in link partnership on the basis of research. To make it more expedient in use, you may sort the list either by geographical region or by page rank. Note: Focus on collecting good resources rather than large.

Send emails of link building proposal- Prepare an email template for sending link building request. This is the most decisive step of a link building campaign. While writing emails for link building request, you should keep few points in mind.

Be assured that you have visited their website. In your email, put a line about their website.

Be delicate. It should be a personal request and should not look like coming from an automated program or software.

Offer them something of value, remember to point out what’s in it for them.

Add a line to explain the importance of link partnership.

Note: Never send link building request number of times, to a single email ID, as it can irritate the receiver.

Follow up- Follow up is required at weekly interval to check the persistence of links. Note: While doing follow up if you are not getting your links; don’t be agitated as it can mess up your relationship with the partner. Better ask him/her to add link again. Don’t forget to mention the mutual link partnership agreement signed before.

Brand Reputations in Relationship Building- Do you ever think when you commend any brand to your customer; it directly reflects your brand reputation? Suppose someone has requested you to recommend his/her brand you are not aware of. Do you recommend that brand? Never. But if you have taken service from any brand and you feel good about it- you will definitely recommend the name to any of your friend who has a need of the same service. Likely is the case with link building where you need to focus on the quality of links you are going to recommend in order to build relationship.

In Link Building, strategic relationship shows how successful your link campaign is launched. And both partners can take the benefit of link building throughout the strategic relationship.

The fact is that you can spend days trying to add link after link to your website, if you are using link exchange or contacting webmasters. I am giving away a free video describing how to get one way links. It is time that you learned to build links an not ask webmasters to add links to you.

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