Understanding the Difference between Pay Per Click and SEO

When you are first deciding on online marketing in order to promote your business online, the main online marketing methods that you will encounter are Organic search engine optimisation and Pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords.

Organic search engine optimization and Pay pr click advertising are the two main methods of online marketing. Both these forms of online marketing are aimed at getting highly targeted visitors to your website by making your website rank on search engine results for the keywords that you are targeting.

Ideally a business needs to utilize both, organic Search engine optimization as well as Pay per click advertising on order to get the maximum exposure for their business online. However cost and budget considerations often result in a business having to make a choice between using organic search engine optimization and Pay per click advertising for their business.

Before discussing which form of online marketing is better for your business, it is important to understand the difference between organic search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. Organic search engine optimization refers to the search results that appear in the main centre section of the search results. Ranking within organic search engine results cannot be bought and ranking is a result of organic non-biased steps taken over a period. It is dependent on the overall popularity of your website on the internet in general among other on site factors. Organic listings are the results that appear in the main section of a search engine such as Google when we search for something. Pay per click advertising on the other hand refers to the paid listing or sponsored results that appear on the right of the search results page and not in main middle section of the page.

Pay per click result is paid for and results are almost immediate to achieve. However there are many drawbacks to pay per click advertising as compared with Organic search engine optimization. The recent years have seen an exponential rise in competition and a steep rise in pay per click costs. Click fraud is another rising concern in pay per click advertising where an advertiser may be charged for clicks that are not by genuine customers.

1) Many surveys and search engine marketing studies have pointed than users are more likely to click on organic search results that appear on the main section of the page rather than the paid listings that appear as ads on the right.

2) Organic listings are non-biased and cannot be bought. As such users trust the results more than the paid listings which are a result of paid advertising. The conversion rate for organic listings is much higher than for paid listings.

3) Rising cost of pay per click. Pay per click campaigns are becoming more and expensive day by day as competition is increasing. It is common now a days to be pay as much as £1 or £2 per click for a op 5 position in pay per click campaigns like Google ad words.

4) The results of organic search engine optimization campaign are more permanent that pay per click. In pay per click, the results stop almost immediately at the end of the campaign whereas in organic listings the rank remains.

Although the main advantages of organic search engine optimization over Pay per click advertising are discussed above, Pay per click advertising has its advantages. Pay per click advertising is a much quicker way to get results. This is useful to advertise events and other marketing campaigns that cannot be planned months in advance. Organic search engine optimization is a time consuming task and organic listings often take months to achieve.

In the end, investing an organic search engine optimization is beneficial. Organic search engine optimization has lower costs and offers a high return on investment. Once a favorable ranking has been achieved in organic search engine optimization, it is more permanent. In pay per click, the results will atop immediately when the payment has stopped and the campaign ends. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign also has a wider coverage and generates maximum exposure for your business.

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What’s the Difference Between Pay Per Click Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, then you’ve probably heard of the terms “pay per click advertising” and “search engine optimization” or “SEO.” But what’s the difference? And how does pay per click advertising (or PPC advertising) differ from search engine marketing or paid search?

Well, search engine marketing and paid search are really just euphemisms for pay per click advertising, which is also known as PPC advertising, or Google advertising because the majority of pay per click advertising runs on the Google search network, Google content network, and Google display network.

When you hear “pay per click advertising,” think advertising. The listings generated from pay per click advertising are paid for, and they appear in the “sponsored links” sections at the very top and far right-hand side of search results pages. They can also appear on other websites that “lease” space to Google and other search engines to display advertising.

The words “pay per click” in the term pay per click advertising also tell us something. With pay per click advertising, the website owner pays a specific amount each time a user clicks on their ad. In other words, they pay per click, hence the name “pay per click advertising.”

Pay per click advertising can be useful for advertisers who require highly-predictable marketing budgets. That’s because pay per click advertisers control precisely how much they’re willing to spend on their pay per click advertising. In fact, you can set a daily budget to ensure you never spend more than your company can afford.

Something else to consider about pay per click advertising is that each time an ad appears and a user doesn’t click on it, there’s no cost. Therefore, a pay per click advertising listing can appear thousands of times, be seen by thousands of internet users, and as long as no one clicks on it, the advertiser doesn’t have to pay.

Of course, the goal of pay per click advertising is for users to click on ads, but it’s helpful to know pay per click advertising can increase visibility even when users aren’t clicking. This is especially useful when pay per click advertisers use banner ads, which are graphically-designed display ads that serve to internet users based on their search behavior.

By comparison to pay per click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) is not advertising at all. Unlike pay per click advertising, SEO relies on your website’s content, programming, and back-links to increase the likelihood your listing will appear among the top search results. But just because search engine optimization is not advertising, don’t think SEO is free. In fact, an SEO program can cost as much or more than pay per click advertising. That’s because effective SEO requires hiring an expert to modify your website’s content and coding. In addition, effective SEO programs require generating content and disseminating that content across the internet — always with links back to your website. And all of this takes time and money.

On a more positive note, sophisticated internet users may be more likely to click on organic search results than on listings generated by pay per click adveritising. The organic search results are listed below pay per click advertising results, and some internet users perceive these listings as more credible than pay per click advertising results.

Bottom line, both pay per click advertising and SEO are valuable and both should be part of your online marketing program. So if you want to increase visibility and traffic, make sure to set an adequate budget for pay per click advertising and SEO.

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